eLagaan offers end to end CA, CS, Business legal & Payroll services for startups & growing companies for India. It specializes in formulating investor friendly structures & terms, staying compliant, setting up best practices desired by founders, investors & employees. This facilitates companies to grow & scale with ease and stay fundable and saleable. eLagaan challenged & changed the way these services were provided in India currently by bringing transparency to various processes otherwise considered black magic. Making the business owners & investors much more comfortable with the business they are running either across eLagaan’s HQ in Bangalore or across seven seas. It also conducts various online/offline tutorials/conferences to educate people on this topic. People in USA who have businesses in India or require any assistance with Taxes etc in India can visit Elagaan services.For more information visit
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Inter Sources Inc was conceived out of the need to replenish the ever-augmenting deficit of IT professionals, not just in the bay area, but also nationwide. We attempted to nurture the training, consulting and placement needs of IT and non-IT professionals, alike Sources (International Solution Sources LLC),an E-Verified Employer, has pioneered as a Consulting Provider for a large number of Satisfied Clients in the Industry. Based on Industry demand and Client Requirements, Inter Sources Inc is proud to present you its added diversification into the domain of Process Outsourcing (PO) which has yielded overwhelming Response by Inter Sources’s existing and prospective clients. InterSources, a fast growing Global Consulting company with an even faster growing RPO division, is headquartered in Fremont CA, with office in India and Australia.Our Specialized verticals include, but not limited to, providing Information Technology services in the domains of Healthcare &Pharmaceutical,Bio-Tech, Financial services, Wireless &Telecom,E-Commerce,Insurance and Supply Chain Management. Instant Insight’s unique architecture supports incremental data collection. Only new data is extracted from source systems and reporting activity is completely de-coupled from data sourcing. It is often possible to build new analytics without having to first extract and load the source data into a data warehouse. This capability dramatically reduces the lead-time for new report development and enables up-to-the-minute metrics to be developed without crushing source systems.InterSourcesInc was conceived out of the need to replenish the ever-augmenting deficit of IT professionals, not just in the bay area, but also nationwide. We attempted to nurture the training, consulting and placement needs of IT and non-IT professionals, alike.
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Netensity™ Corporation is a leader in Vertical CRM and cloud computing technology and the first company to deliver customized, complete SaaS based software automation to removal & shipping companies. Founded in 2007 in Fremont, CA in USA, the vision of Netensity Corporation is to help businesses succeed in the removals, shipping, and logistics markets by delivering ‘verticalized’ and integrated automation solutions backed with personable support and customer enablement. Netensity was very recently listed in CIOReview magazine’s Top 20 list of ‘Most Promising Cloud Computing Companies. The founders at Netensity have over two decades of experience in shipping & logistics, having successfully delivered robust automation technologies to businesses of all sizes including Fortune 50 corporations.
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Paloras helps clients transform Business Processes in Product Life Cycle Management (PLM), SupplyChain and Customer Experience. We take total responsibility so our clients have a solid Partner in their success.

Our customers see faster and increased value on their investments as we use our Business Accelerators to reduce implementation timelines. For example, typical implementations take an average of 14 months for a mid size companies. We are able to accelerate the time to value by more than 30% using our approach, capabilities and assets.

Our clients benefit from our products such as Paloras Connect (our integration Product) and solutions in Complex Selling and Backlog Management.Paloras Connect is a premium product from Paloras Corporation. It enables and integrates the PLM andSCM processes for critical information. The focus is on the item and BOM creation and change integration between the processes helping customer reduce cost and risk associated with such integrations present today.
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Social Strategi, is an Integrated Digital Marketing Agency with a focus on Visual Content Strategy that boosts SEO + SMM + SEM, creates Demand and skyrockets Conversion.

Social Strategi brings together a strong pool of talented people to create a kick- ass hand picked customized Team for every project depending upon the Marketing Goals. We have Creative Artists, UX Designers, Brand Strategists, Animators, Web Designers, App Developers, Analysts, Bloggers, Campaign Managers, Community Managers and expert Strategists for Integrated Digital Marketing, Content and Social Media who’re experts at what they do.
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Muse Maze Inc “Every Circuit is an Innovative Educational Mobile Application that allows to build any electrical circuit, and watch dynamic simulation of voltage, current, and charge. This gives insight into circuit operation like no equation does. While simulating, user can adjust circuit parameters and the circuit responds to actions in real time. In addition, users can search for circuits and share their circuits on the Every Circuit Cloud Community.”

While simulation is running, adjust circuit parameters with analog knob, and the circuit responds to your actions in real time. You can even generate an arbitrary input signal with your finger!
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Dr. GeetaKadambi is a CEO and founder of Riddhi IP LLC, a Patent Law firm she started in 2010. She hold Ph.D.andhasover 25 years of scientific and patent prosecution experience in the areas of biopharmaceuticals, biochemistry, clinical biochemistry, chemistry, biomedical devices, clean tech and pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. Her clients include start ups, mid level companies, multinationals and universities.She is a former Patent Examiner from United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and has worked at NASA Ames as a Senior Technologist. She was a Post doctoral fellow at Neonatology division, Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA and ARVO/CIBA NEI International Post doctoral fellow at Ophthalmology department, University of Minnesota, MN. She holds a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the University of Madras, India. She has recently been selected as a board member of Leading Women in Technology (LWT) forum for 2014-2017.
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Interactive Media International is an innovation driven company where we converge web-mobile & electronics. It is based out of Fremont, California with offices & strategic partners in Trivandrum & New Delhi in India. The company has successfully completed more 200 projects in last 5 years. The Company has extensive domain knowledge – Manufacturing, Retail, Finance, eCommerce, hospitality, health care, entertainment, supply chain, automotive, safety and security and most recently launched applications with ‘Augmented Reality’

Apart from software development, project management, we now also offer mobile app development for (iphone, Blackberry, Android),Augmented Reality applications and CRM optimization packagesIMI has built software solutions that helped them driving business value from technology investments, increased sales opportunities, cost efficiencies and new revenue streams. We have made softwares for different companies including banks, hospitals and small businesses. We have built websites for various companies including Social Networking website, dating, e-commerce website and many more.

The latest app ‘save your vitals’ ( we developed enables enables Patients to record their Blood Pressure, Pulse, Weight, Fasting and Random blood sugar readings right from their iPhones. In addition, patients can upload their health documents right from your Physician’s office (by using iPhone camera, 100MB storage included) and share with one/all of your Physicians with one click for secondary opinions. Physicians can use this app to access patient vitals (when shared by patients), get alerted when data is above the acceptable range (only when enabled by physicians) and send secure messages to other registered physicians.

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