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Best Model meets the needs of the modeling, talent and production sectors within the entertainment industry. It promotes the portfolios and services of models, talent and production providers. With an easily accessible and user-friendly structure, serves as a social network platform and a virtual environment for those providing or seeking models and talents. Prospective models/talents will be invited to join the online community as members. Our services are free and fee-based, making it attractive to amateurs and professionals. Users get free access to a full array of industry insiders and the best talent and modeling agency scouts in the business. It serves the purposes as :

INTERACTIVE SOCIAL PLATFORM ( Models and talents comingle attributes and services), FOR PROFESSIONALS & AMATEURS (A common forum for the successful, as well as those seeking the same), AFFORDABLE ACCESS TO INDUSTRY (Affordable access to industry exposure and resources), CRITICAL MASS & DEMAND (Create a highly-used and heavily-trafficked online portal synonymous with efficiency and interactivity), INDUSTRY LEADERSHIP (Establish a profitable and well-managed position respected for content and strategic partnerships)
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Chai with Manjula (CWM) is a nonprofit TV show about giving. It raises awareness about social issues and initiatives by featuring nonprofit/charitable organizations, social activists, social entrepreneurs, and philanthropists. It’s mission is :To raise awareness about social issues and initiatives, to enable potential donors & beneficiaries to connect with these nonprofit initiatives,to inspire more people to get involved and give in some way. The TV Show area of focus is on philanthropic activities of the Indo-American community giving back in the U.S. or elsewhere, as well as India-directed philanthropy by the community at large.
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‘H4 VISA-A CURSE’, is a much awaited film for the immigrant community, it is an extremely important social cause movie which brings awareness about yet another Immigration issue. Aptly titled as ‘H4 VISA-A CURSE’, the film highlights the plight of every spouse whether male or female who find themselves in the US with practically nothing to do except wait for the day when they would be a change in their status and they would also be able to work.For years now, educated and qualified partners of those with H1B visas have been struggling to come to terms with the fact that there is absolutely nothing that they can do to change their quality of life or add to it. The film by the Shah Peerally Productions, seeks to showcase this horror and raise awareness not only amongst the legislators but also amongst the people so that they can voice their opinions against such unjust laws.
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JOSH is a 2012 Women in Film Fund recipient and has been commissioned by Channel 4 and other TV outlets around the world as it continues its exceptionally well attended distribution circuit after playing in Pakistan 4+ weeks, a first for an indie film. JOSH has now played in 28 cities globally and reached more than 12,500 people worldwide. It was one of only two fictional features to be awarded the 2012 Women in Film Finishing Grant coupled with Netflix, after which it went on to be completed in October 2012. JOSH started its festival circuit at the Mumbai International Film Festival where it was one of the Top 3 films one of the days of the festival and went on to be one of the Top 15 Recommended Films at the IFFI Goa Film Bazaar, South Asia’s largest film market.In addition, the dialogue and image building of the nation is impressive as people around the world are brought to the streets of Pakistan to discover heroes as well as villains in the country. This has been the only Pakistani film and the first in a number of festivals worldwide.
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Leena Sh Best known to some as a socialite, to many as the CEO of 3M Production, a nightlife/entertainment company & to most as the President of the WLEA, she is mostly appreciated for her larger than life bridal show Vivah. Peel away all the layers & you get Leena J, a woman of substance, character & a big personality……but above all, a business-woman.Leena’s companies 3M Production and the WLEA bring Entertainment to the Silicon Valley.
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Shah Peerally Productions proudly presents “Shattered Freedom,” the latest episode in the story of “An American Dream,” from the series, “The Immigration Lawyer.” Inspired by the hardships and struggles faced by Shah Peerally himself, as well as his law firm’s and his own personal experiences as a career immigration lawyer, the film is an uncompromising work of fiction depicting the trials and tribulations of immigrants seeking to partake of the American Dream. It evokes the hopes and aspirations of all immigrants to America and unravels the challenges of the American legal system and ultimate assimilation into American society that virtually every immigrant can relate to.Produced entirely in the Bay Area in Northern California by Shah Peerally Productions, “Shattered Freedom” showcases new local talents, with direction by Renato Asuncion, Joe Barcelone and Manny Valencia, music by Mahesh Mishra, ParminderGuri, Samir Date, SomaiyaDipalee and GeetaMadhuri, and choreography by Anna Attrey. The cast includes Shah Peerally as a lawyer, and PavneetSaluja, Jimmy Sidhu, Jagruti Shah, Sameer Khera, Naz Khan, MohiniForyan, Harish Sharma, WaqasYounus, Chaz Laredo, Akram Khan, PawanBangar, Ritu Nischal, NavinTekchandani, Jennifer Spence, KasimMohammadi, HamedRasti, PoonamSansanwal, and a host of other gifted Bay Area individuals.
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Shilpi Agarwal is a Visual Content + Demand Generation Strategist. She writes about Startups, Marketing and Leadership. Shilpi’s an Entrepreneur and Founder of Social Strategi, an Integrated Digital Marketing Agency with a focus on Visual Content Strategy that boosts SEO + SMM + SEM, creates Demand and skyrockets Conversion. ‘Social Nirvana through Visual Content’ is her Mantra.
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Indo-Us Dialogue is a Bi lingual Monthly magazine published in US. It started 3 years ago and recently changed management. The magazine brings you news from US and India.
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Ritu Nischal is the Director of Marketing atUniversal Media Access KLOK 1170 AM & KSJO 92.3 FM.Ritu is the Creative head & RJ for drive time 4-5pm show from Mon to Fri on Desi 1170AM. She Spearheaded marketing campaigns to establish top of mind with target audience and deepened strategic customer relationships, and enhanced retention. Ritu also Establishes relationships with media companies to promote music artists or their music album launch 
-Radio advertising

In the past RituNischal was the Co-Founder of Fundoo Entertainment Inc.Fundoo Entertainment operated as an Asian-American Media & Entertainment company with a focus on delivering the best entertainment and important content to diverse audience on platforms including broadcast media and online.
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